Spaghetti and homemade salsa

Salsa Leggero. Linguini served with fat free sauce.

Welcome to my kitchen, or mia cucina when cooking Italian food.  When la cucina was first thought of the idea was to provide good Italian food that people could enjoy at home without having to cook it themselves. Although Italians happily buy good quality dried pasta they do make their own sauces as I do.

Our sauces are all made with fresh vegetables and fresh herbs, although we do use tinned Italian tomatoes, as we believe that these give the best depth of flavour. There are no artificial ingredients included to prolong the shelf life of these sauces but they do freeze very well and are ready to eat in no time.


Fresh parsley

Why buy a shop bought sauce packed full of sugar and salt when you could be eating something which is freshly made with the minimum of salt and sugar sufficient to bring out the flavours of all the other, natural ingredients ?

La cucina di Francesca provides a range of five classic sauces.

Salsa Pomarola is the traditional tomato sauce which, surely, all children and adults love served with a bowl of steaming hot spaghetti with a knob of butter and fresh parmesan cheese. What could be easier when you walk in from work with no idea what to cook for tea ?

Salsa Leggero is a fat free version of the traditional tomato sauce and it is cram packed with vegetables and fresh herbs. It is great heated through and served straight with pasta or it can be used as the base for a homemade Bolognese just by browning some lean minced beef adding the salsa and simmering together.

Bay leaves

Bay leaves

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Salsa Arrabiatta is the classic fiery sauce with garlic and chilli. It is good with pasta but can compliment grilled chicken or fish. A bit of salad or green vegetables and some salad potatoes is a meal in it’s self.

Salsa Puttanesca is the classic Neapolitan sauce with an anchovy base, garlic, olives and capers. Lovely with pasta but great with roasted cod.

Salsa Rosmarino is a lovely pungent sauce with a hint of chilli and fresh rosemary which comes direct from out garden. this also goes really well with white fish, chicken or pork.

All these sauces are delicious with many varieties of pasta but can also be used as the starting point for many other dishes and I will be providing recipes in future blogs. If you do place an order for any of my salsas I will pop a sheet with recipe ideas in for you.