La Cucina di Francesca is a family run business based on Francesca’s years of experience of cooking for a family whilst having a busy working life. Her Italian roots with her mother’s family originating in Friuli Venezia Giulia and the regular holidays in that region eating with family and friends has resulted in a love and knowledge of local and regional Italian cooking that she would love to share with others.
La Cucina di Francesca - the Kitchen
By extending her knowledge and love of Italian food through the business it is hoped that busy people who also love Italian food can enjoy La Cucina’s great recipes knowing that it is made with the care they would take themselves.


We believe it is essential to support local producers and farmers. This works towards building up a healthy local economy. Everything is freshly prepared in our kitchen from quality produce obtained from local suppliers as much as is possible with fresh herbs from our garden.

By using local and seasonal food our food is as fresh and tasty as possible with the minimum of waste.

Please try our products and if you enjoy them why not come back for more?

Please be advised that the food prepared by us may contain certain food allergens. Please ask if you have any concerns. It is all prepared by us and we know all the ingredients.

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